Getting Started

At Catskill Kettlebells we use bodyweight, kettlebells, sandbags, barbells and slam balls. These tools will help each member gain strength in the arms, back, legs, and core, improve flexibility, fix  posture, and boost increase stamina. Each trainer at CKB is certified and experienced at scaling  your class to help you to work hard at your own level. We  observe and correct body mechanics and to help you maintain excellent form while working out. We believe this is how you get stronger and achieve your fitness goals.


We strive to motivate, encurage and inspire our members to achieve what you never believed to be possible. TRY A CLASS FOR FREE! At CKB your first class is free. Email if you want to drop in and check out a class. We offer various class options to meet your fitness needs.  We can also scale each workout to meet your fitness needs regardless of your level.


After you try a class and love every second,  it's time to schedule your 1-1 session. INTRODUCTORY 1-1 SESSION - $30 At CKB each new member is required to complete a 1-1 session with Roger. During this time you will discuss health history,  fitness goals, learn and perform proper body mechanics, explore nutrition, and create a roadmap for achieving your goals. We know you want to get started with classes! Completing your 101 training  gives you the movement skills and knowledge you need to achieve success. VARIETY OF CLASSES AND SCHEDULE-  CKB offers various times and classes each day so you can get the class you want at the time you want it. 

PLANS & PASSES - at CKB we know that each person is different! For this reason we have created a variety of plans and passes that work for your schedule and budget.


Kettlebells  - With a Kettlebells membership you can attend untlimited group classes each month for one price.

Strong Body - The Strong Body class is designed for people who need to build strength but may have more limitations because of decreased mobility & strength. In the Strong Body class you will learn proper body mechanics and build essential strength that will keep you stronger than ever before. Workouts will be focused on moving well to increase flexibility, strength & endurance.

Small Group Personal