Tasty Breakfast for 5 days & No dishes!

If you started at Catskill Kettlebells with a weight loss goal I probably told you about this SUPER easy & quick bfast option that you will love! Here is my version of it that you can personalize.

I had all preparing & dishes done in less than one hour and it gave me breakfast for the week plus a few for a friend.



2-3 small cooked sweet potatoes, yams or potatoes (steamed, roasted, nuked) I used yams from Good Cheap Foods for this one because they are less sweet

1 tube Jones all natural breakfast sausage (at the Chopper)

2-3 medium onions, sliced

2 small yellow squash, sliced

1 package pre-sliced mushrooms

Eggs, I used 21

S&P to taste

Baking dish - greased. I used three of the dishes pictured for 21 eggs, chose something appropriate for what you are making.



1. Turn oven on to 350 so it is ready when you need it.

2.  Cook your sweet potatoes so they can cool and are easy to handle. If you are steaming them slice them first then steam, If nuking them slice after, if you baked them before hand you are amazing and you can slice them while you are waiting for the onions to cook.

3. While potato steaming is happening get your sausage in a heavy skillet on med-high heat then start chopping onions and squash. If you chop them nice and even they cook better but no worries, just get it done. You will make this a million times and have lots of chances to practice.

4. When sausage is brown and cooked throw in onions and let them get a little brown too, then the squash. If you use yellow squash and zuchs, remember they have a lot of water and you want to let this cook out or your final product will be watery and gross. You can skip squash all together if you don't like it! I only put it in because my mom needed to get rid of them and they were there!

5. Add mushrooms, they don't need long to cook. When all is cooked and looking delish shut it off and start with the crust.

6. Grease your  pan with some kind of cooking fat.

7. Slice potatoes and create a nice thin layer in the bottom of your pan. Again, they don't have to be perfect but it makes it better.

8. Spread your sausage/onion/mushroom mix evenly onto the potatoes.

9. Beat your eggs and add S&P to taste then pour over the whole thing.

10. Bake at 350 until just a little jiggly in the middle. For the love of all things wonderful and perfect in the world do not over cook this dish! If it is still a bit runny in the middle it will be fine but if it gets totally firm you will have to taste your shame every morning for a week and no one needs that! Seriously though, it just gets dry and is not as tasty. It will be fine just don't try to re-heat it or it will not be nice.

11. Wash all of your dishes as soon as your bake goes into the oven, then relax or do some burpees to celebrate the completion of your first egg bake! You did awesome! Now contemplate all of the fitness gains that are coming your way.

12. When the bake comes out let it cool for a while then cut it into equal squares. Put said squares into reusable dishes that you can take with you to work every day, don't forget them!  Wash your baking dish. You now have five or more meals made for your week that you have done all of the preparation and clean up for!

Get creative with this! You can make this as complicated or simple as you want! Some things that I have done to change it up are use bacon, broccoli, red pepper, jalapenos, sun dried tomatoes or spinach. This is an amazing dish that you can tailor to your taste so you have something delicious to eat every day!