Helpful Articles

As we begin the GYST Challenge here are a few articles that may give some of you the info you need to begin! Remember, Wednesday evening at 7pm there will be a nutrition seminar with Dr. Katie at CKB that is free to Challengers, $10 for CKB members and $20 for members of the public.


Here is an article about how much to eat & lose weight. It includes a calorie calculator if you want to go that route, not necessary but it might be helpful to give you a general idea of what size portions you should be eating. I don't recommend counting calories on a regular basis, but I think it is important to put quantity of food you consume into perspective with how much you should consume.


The next article gives some solid advice on what types of food you need to eat to lose weight, there are lists. Everyone loves a list.


The last article, and this info should be used sparingly and only when necessary during this challenge...if you find yourself doing this every week or more than once a week, you may have a problem. This talks about how to drink & eat whatever you want to and still lose weight. I'm posting this for the vacationers out there! FYI this is not an all day free for all! It's just pure science and gaming your body so you can continue to make progress and enjoy yourself a little.