Get Your Sh*t Tight Details & Nutrition Seminar

We are about to embark on the biggest challenge at CKB to date with 36 challengers and six teams in total! I am so excited for all of you guys. No matter who walks away with the top prize everyone in this challenge will see a change!


For a few you I forgot to take a photo of you back for the "before" part of your transformation photo which I need! If I did not do this it is your responsibility to see me ASAP! I prefer to take it at the gym but send me one if you can't make it in on Monday. Stand in front a white wall, good light, little clutter etc. This is important and will decrease your chance of winning if I you don’t get this to me.

Nutrition Seminar

There will be a weight loss nutrition seminar with Coach Katie this Wednesday April 20th at 7pm right after yoga. This will be about one hour long and focus on teaching you how to feed your body in a way that will help you shed up look your best. She will talk about which foods are helpful (and not) for weight loss, portion control, carbohydrate consumption (healthy and unhealthy), and why sleep & water are so important! $10 drop in fee for this seminar for non challengers, $20 for non-CKB members

GYST Teams

I was planning on NOT being a team leader, but because we had so many people join I had to step in. I will, however be there for every one of you as much as I can.

Here are your teams in no particular order:

Coach Melissa

Dawn Sohns

Lindsey Young

Liz Brosi

Sherry Ingram

Jesse Houshmand

Christne Dunphy

Taylor Moster


Dr. Katie

Daniel Sovocool

Vicki Merrill

Cindy Dee

Leslie Hudson

Kim Bracchy

Abby More


Coach Patty

Nichole Newbold

Robin Hultenious

Chelsea Cika

Suzan Robson

Maja K.

Kayleigh R.


Coach Roger

Keegan M.

Shelbie N.

Heather White

Missy White

Brittany Tucker

Abby Losie


Coach Sherry Simonds

Gayle Morely

Rich Morely

Julian Peploe

Crystal Morgan

Sara Haynes

Amanda Moffett


Coach Mabel

Danielle Haragoenes

Darius Newbold

Jody O'Connell

John Madeo

June Fraser

Mary Kilmer

I hope you guys really show up for yourself and each other in this challenge. This is a great opportunity to support each other, build our community and get to know people that you don't normally see or interact with.



How does the Get Your Sh*t Tight challenge work?

Each individual earns points in 4 different domains, each domain is worth 25% of your total score. Your total score will be used to determine the individual winner and the total of you and your teammate's score will determine the winning team.


25% Nutrition

The nutrition part of this challenge will be clear after Dr. Katie’s talk on Wednesday, but until then do your best.

You will be given a score sheet on Day 1. Each day of the challenge you can earn up to 9 points for getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking "enough" water, and eating well.


8 hours of sleep = 3 points

7 hours = 2 points

6 hours = 1

less than 6 hours of sleep = no points added



Generally we should be drinking 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water each day. For many this may not be possible, but I want you to come close. The more honest with yourself you are in this area the easier it is for you to lose weight, so make it happen.

90-100% water for day = 3 points

80-89% = 2 points

70-79% 1 = point

less than 75% = no points added 



After Dr. Katie’s nutrition talk it will all be more clear. I will make a blog post about the nutrition talk incase you can't make it this Wednesday evening at 7.

3 Points -

Eat at least three meals a day of unprocessed food. If you snack it should be with healthy  protein, fat and carbs. For carbs eat mostly veg with little fruit (stay away from highest sugar fruits and dry fruit), eat lean cuts of meat that have been grilled, roasted or braised. Fats should come from raw olive oil, avocado and nuts (few). Avoid sugary desserts completely. Switch it out to a small amount of fruit with some plain yogurt with (if needed) a tsp of honey or less. No alcohol is consumed.

2 Points

Everything stayed the same but with one small indiscretion but everything else on point.

1 point -

A full on all out carb loaded cheat meal, skipping a meal due to poor planning, a large dessert or overeating on grain/flour/sugar.

0 points if you have more than one meal/ not following the guidelines at all.


Transformation Photo 25%

Your transformation and nutrition go hand in hand. To have a big transformation, you have to keep your nutrition dialed in every day! You will be ranked from biggest to least change and be awarded points accordingly. Each of the 6 coaches will be involved in determining who made the biggest physical change throughout the challenge.


25% Fitness

You will be tested in 3 areas.

One heavy dead lift - This lift will be supervised by me or your coach. It is not a max lift but it is something that you can pick up heavy and safely.


Max time plank hold - This is not a hard style plank, you will test your endurance in this position and hold it as long as possible.


Time in 10-> 1

2 hand swing to chest height (16k bell women, 24k bell men)

Strict Burpee

Each domain of fitness will be tested at the beginning and the end of the challenge.


Class Attendance 25%

To make a big change happen fast you have to exercise! 1/4 of your total score will be attending classes and completing workouts on your own. Here is the breakdown and how they will work.

Class workout - 10 points - you can go to as many KB classes as you want

Add-on - 5 points - your coach will tell you the "add-on" workout each week for your team. It must be completed before/after your class. You can complete the Add-on workout once for each KB class you attend. Remember you can do as many KB classes as you want each day!

At-Home workout - 5 points - 10-20 mins, Once a day only

Vacation Workout -  5 points  - 15-30 mins up to 4x each day during your vacation

Boot Camp - 20 Points - This will be an hour long intense workout at 9am on Saturdays only. It is designed to make you work hard and push your fitness to new a new level. The location may change according to the weather so keep in touch with your team leaders for info. If someone wants to drop in to a boot camp class, standard drop in rates apply to non challengers ($10)


Remember, each of these is 25% of your score, so doing an extra boot camp workout does not necessarily erase a week of poor food choices! In order to make a change you need to have everything working together! This challenge should motivate and inspire you to make good choices and push your fitness into a whole new place.


I will be posting recipes and helpful articles throughout the challenge, so stay tuned!

If you have questions for me please leave there here or on Facebook!


Lets get that SH*T tight!