Schedule change, New Class option & GYST Challenge

Challenge time! 

Last year we saw huge transformations during the  the Get Your Sh*t Tight Challenge, now lets do it again! GYST 2017 will last from Jan 30-March 31. It will give you the motivation you need to look and feel your best in the new year. Sign up at the gym by Jan 23. Rules & sign up sheet will be posted on Tuesday, 1/10. Cost is $30 per person. This includes a T-Shirt, nutritional guidance & lots of kickass workouts that will give you the boost you need to achieve your New Years goals in 2017!

Tasty Breakfast for 5 days & No dishes!

If you started at Catskill Kettlebells with a weight loss goal I probably told you about this SUPER easy & quick bfast option that you will love! Here is my version of it that you can personalize.

I had all preparing & dishes done in less than one hour and it gave me breakfast for the week plus a few for a friend.



2-3 small cooked sweet potatoes, yams or potatoes (steamed, roasted, nuked) I used yams from Good Cheap Foods for this one because they are less sweet

Got Grit coming in September!

This fall CKB will run it's first ever Got Grit program during the school year!

Got Grit is 6 weeks long and will meet every Tuesday & Thursday from 3:15-4pm.

Cost is $60 and is open 5th & 6th grades. Attendance will be limited to 8 students so reserve your spot ASAP! The program will help engage your child in physical fitness in a whole new way by building strength, self confidence and team work skills as they have a blast!

That's a wrap for GYST 2016!

Okay folks....The winners of the challenge are finally here!!

First place winner will receive 6 months of KB classes, 2nd place, 4 months, and third place 2 months! The winning team will receive a copy of my newest Tabata book and an "I got my Sh*t tight" T shirt!

1st place is Steve Mostert

2nd Place goes to Taylor Mostert

3rd Place to Abby Losie

4th place Mary Kilmer

5th place Dawn Sohns


The winning team was Sherry's Shredders!!


Helpful Articles

As we begin the GYST Challenge here are a few articles that may give some of you the info you need to begin! Remember, Wednesday evening at 7pm there will be a nutrition seminar with Dr. Katie at CKB that is free to Challengers, $10 for CKB members and $20 for members of the public.


Tips for Drinking Smarter

Eliminate alcohol consumption. Most alcoholic drinks are high in calories, dehydrate your body, slow your body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates, and make you hungrier. All of those attributes will work against your fitness goals instead of enhancing them. The body also treats alcohol like sugar and spikes the hormone insulin which contributes to gaining fat. Consuming alcohol + sugar = insulin spike which = weight gain

Kettlebell Calorie Secrets Revealed !

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) at the University of Wisconsin conducted a survey in 2010 to measure how many calories were burned by athletes during a 20-minute kettlebell workout. Results showed that the average participant burns 20.2 calories per minute. That is equivalent to running a six-minute mile pace, or cross-country skiing uphill at a fast pace! 

Kettlebells for the Aging Population

Swinging and lifting kettlebells may sound like a form of training best left to weightlifters, hardcore athletes, and members of the younger generations. But the reality is that everyone, especially seniors, can benefit from properly training with kettlebells. In 2010 the American Council of Exercise (ACE) at the University of Wisconsin conducted a survey about kettlebell training and its effects on individuals. Researchers found evidence supporting the positive implications of kettlebell training's potential to strengthen the core muscles by 70 percent, especially for elderly people.

Why Use Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are a perfect fit for virtually any environment or exercise regimen. The unique shape of the kettlebell combined with its smaller size make it ideal for a variety of movements. They are inexpensive, compact, sturdy, and can be used just about anywhere. You can use them at the gym, in your own living room, outdoors, or even in a hotel room when you're on the road. Kettlebells offer you freedom and versatility for use and storage. Because of their compact design and versatility, kettlebells can even function as a complete, portable gym.